Property Management

Protecting your investment is our passion. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. We can take care of your home in your absence, giving you the freedom to know that you will return to your cozy mountain home without any hassles.


Landscaping & Grounds

We love to take care of the yard! We love our mountain setting and we want you to enjoy being outside on your property. In addition to all of the lawn care and snow removal, we can work alone or with other contractors to install sprinkler systems, concrete or stone patios and driveways, gardens and more.


A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any residence. We can fix and install the right stuff for your bathroom, kitchen or bar. We also work with local, licensed plumbers for big jobs.





We can do all small electrical projects like installing chandeliers, ceiling fans or light dimmers. We also work with licensed electricians for larger jobs. 

New Construction

Our clients trust us to build just about anything, including decks, stairs, porches or sheds.  We have built new bathrooms and garages and we work well with other contractors on large projects. We can do the project management and make recommendations on subcontractors and design .

Real Estate Investments

Do you have a vision or opportunity that you want to pursue? Having a partner like us would make implementation of your ideas much easier. We work on the ground to direct projects and can manage subcontractors, material purchases, design changes, and also deal with the financing. We have efficient internal estimating and budgeting processes that we could share with you.